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The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development (SFSD) offers fully funded scholarships for nursing education at Gouna Technical Nursing Institute (GTNI).  The GTNI was established by the SFSD in April 2010 and resides in a new 6,000 square meter facility specifically designed for the education of nurses.  The GTNI's vision is to provide excellence in nursing education, and aims to become a leading centre in the field of nursing within Egypt. The GTNI provides preparation of nurses at Associate Diploma level of Nursing, and is committed to producing quality nurses for the advancement of not only the nursing profession but also health care services within the new Egypt.

Through an educational collaboration agreement with Lawrence Memorial/Regis College Nursing Program in Massachusetts, USA, the GTNI offers a wide-ranging curriculum which is taken over two and a half years, offering both theoretical and practical education, during which the students are provided with the professional knowledge and skills required for a career in an ever-changing health care setting. The academic program at GTNI is delivered fully in English with intensive English courses in the first semester and throughout the curriculum, and is responsive to the diverse needs of students in order to develop linguistic ability and nursing aptitude to function effectively in both national and international health care environments.

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Admission &
Selction Process
Applicants are selected to perform admission tests at the Institute including: Arabic language exam, English language exam and Mathematics, as well as, a personal interview.
Overview & Clinical Education 
Each semester students undertake between 135 and 225 hours of clinical practice in approved hospital settings.
Sawiris Foundation,
Facilities & Scholarships
The GTNI is committed to providing students with the best possible facilities to support them in their studies.
Mission, Philosophy & Nursing 
The Nursing Program is committed to the education of nurses from the undergraduate through the graduate level, including the two mandatory year period post graduation.
Testomonial & Alumni
"GTNI graduates, as a nurse, you now have an exceptional opportunity not only to make a significant difference to a person’s life but also to make a positive contribution to society."
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  1. Dr. Hassanat Naguib
    “Nurses make a unique contribution to patient care. There are currently over 44,000 unfilled nursing positions in Egypt. This workforce shortage is negatively reflecting on the quality and standards of nursing in our hospitals. As a result, there is a great demand for highly skilled and technically competent nurses who are able to deliver safe and effective care to be able to guarantee the successful implementation of health care quality strategies."
  2. Mrs. Omina Helaly
    "At GTNI, we believe in organizational learning, which is the process we use to develop professional staff in order to create an excellent learning environment for all GTNI learners. GTNI vision adopts student-centered learning approach and workplace-relevant professional teaching strategies to improve the quality of technical nursing education in Egypt."
  3. Dr. Sylvia Basta
    "At GTNI, we do not just teach our students knowledge and skills but we accompany them throughout their developmental path till they thrive. We challenge and support, mentor and advise and help them discover and apply their strengths. We cherish the challenges we meet while trying to empower and enable our Egyptian Future Nurses leaders."
Be a part of an Exciting Future......!
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  1. International Half Marathon
    As part of our community service, our students provided 1st Aid support during El Gouna 1st International Half Marathon in Feb. 2017.
  2. Medical Convoy
    As part of our community service, our students carried our vital signs test for the people of the Red Sea during El Gouna 1st & 2nd Medical Convoy in collaboration with Rotary Club of Red Sea in 2015, 2016 & 2017.
  3. Nurses Day 2016
    On 14th May 2016 the GTNI held its annual International Nurses Day celebration. The theme was “Nurses: A Force for Change: Improving Health Systems’ Resilience”.
  4. Dr. Magdi Yacoub's Visit 2011
    GTNI was honored with Dr. Magdi Yacoub's visit to its premises; the beginning of a useful partnership between GTNI and Aswan Heart Foundation.
  1. Peter
    Peter is 19 years old and is from El Menia, Egypt. He is currently in his second semester. Peter says “I really enjoy studying at the GTNI…'s really different to anywhere else I have studied. The Sawiris Foundation for Social Development scholarship means that all the equipment and books I need are provided and my accommodation and meals are also free and are of a good standard. El Gouna is also a lovely place to live. It is one of the best places on the red sea and attracts tourists from all over the world so there are lots of things to do out with class time to relax with my friends”.
  2. Elaria
    Elaria is 19 year old and is from El Menia, Egypt. Elaria says “It is a real pleasure to study here at the GTNI and it is totally different to anywhere else I have studied. All of the courses, both nursing and non-nursing, enhance my learning of which the outcome will help me prepare for my future career…..…..all of my learning here will equip me with the knowledge and skills required to contribute to the improvement of quality nursing care and practice within Egypt. Moreover, the GTNI also provides great opportunities to work in professional health care organizations in Egypt after graduation”.
  3. Abdallah
    Abdallah is 19 years old and is from south Sinai, Egypt. Abdallah says “Studying at the GTNI is a great opportunity… is really hard work but it's worth it! All subjects are taught in English which was quite difficult at first but I got lots of support from my lecturers and we also had intensive English classes at the beginning of the course, as well as, throughout the duration of the program to help us improve our level of English. I was also a bit nervous about leaving my family and living away from home for the first time but we have a House Supervisor, as well as, a Student Affairs Advisor who looks after us which is great. I have made really good friends here who come from all over Egypt and we all support each other with our studies”.
GTNI Gouna Technical Nursing Institute